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. a complex u.s.-russia spy swap was underway late today, involving ten russian agents here and four people convicted of espionage in russia. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" tonight, we get the latest on the action in a new york court today and look at russia's deep-cover spy program. >> lehrer: then, we talk to white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel. >> woodruff: tom bearden reports from the gulf of mexico, where scientists are turning to tiny microbes to help clean up oiled marshland. >> lehrer: margaret warner examines the pentagon's new rules for dealing with the news media. >> woodruff: and jeffrey brown has a conversation with jean- michel cousteau about his famous father-- ocean explorer jacques cousteau. >> when people ask what do you expect to find? he would always say if i knew, i wouldn't go. so it was the sense of discovery which is, obviously, related it to adventure. >> lehrer: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> this is the engine that connects abundant grain from the american heartland
the united states and russia. stand by. the defense secretary reveals his choice to be the new head of the u.s. military's central command. it's a u.s. marine general who once said it's fun to shoot some people. this hour the pentagon's problem. military brass with loose lips, and republican party chairman michael steele insists he's 100% behind the u.s. troops, but is that enough to satisfy conservatives who say it's past time for him to go. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> well, let's begin with the breaking news right now. all ten russian suspects appearing in a new york court pleaded guilty just a little while ago in connection with the stunning spy case, and now after days of speculation about a possible spy swap between the united states and russia, we've learned how the exchange is about to play out. let's bring in our foreign affairs correspondent jill doherty. she's got new information just coming in. jill, tell us what you know. >> reporter: right. wolf, this is -- we just got this. it's from the u.s. justice department, and this is a letter from the justice depa
the stage for the largest russia-u.s. spy swap since the cold war. in new york, 10 people plead guilty to spying. allegations of a bomb plot in norway. three men arrested on suspicion of links to al qaeda. thousands rally at the solidarity march for captured israeli soldier to return to jerusalem. a warm welcome to bbc world news, broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later for you, could this be the future of air travel? the plane powered by the energy of the sun. and fifa promises action over the refereeing mistakes at this world cup. the bbc is told they'll be changed in time for 2014. >> in a new york court, 10 people accused of spying for russia have pleaded guilty and ordered deported. it seems to be part of a prisoner swap between the american and russian government, the largest since the cold war. a u.s. prosecutor says russia agreed to release a number of prisoners, it's believed up to four. >> this evening, in a new york court, the final pieces of a spy swap looked to be falling in place. the 10 people arrested last week as russian undercover spies appea
plans to swap the suspected spies for an accused u.s. spy being held in russia. u.s. officials have not commented on those reports. >>> we will soon learn more about what police found during searches related to the murder of a university of virginia lacrosse player. a judge has ordered police records in the case against 22- year-old george huguely of chevy chase to be unsealed. he is accused of killing 22- year-old yeardley love in may. the medical examiner said she was killed by a blunt force injury to the head. >>> police investigating the murder of vanessa pham have a nickel. they believe surveillance video of her toyota taken minutes before she was killed. they believe she was driving the car out of the fairfax plaza shopping center on june 27. it is not clear if she was alone in the video or if she was threatened at knifepoint. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. >>> d.c. has seen an increase in the number of sexual assaults. the largest has been in the seventh district, east of anacostia and potomac rivers. police memos obtained showed that serious sexua
to come on eyewitness news. the largest spy swap since the cold war. the u.s. and russia could be trading prisoners. major developments in that russian spy ring tonight. >>> headed for the supreme court. a new development and protestors in the family of a fallen u.s. marine. >>> and here in baltimore for an opportunity to change her life forever. i'm weijia jiang at johns hopkins, with her story next on wjz eyewitness news. >>> and a live look outside. the heat and humidity are still on. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,, carmax is the smart choice because our specially trained technicians put every car we sell through a 125 point inspection. carmax is the smart choice because at carmax you get a free appraisal and your written offer to buy your car good for seven days. >>> the showdown between the westboro baptist church and a maryland marine moves one step closer to the u.s. supreme court. the church filed a brief this week, saying if actions are protected by the first amendment. >> the westborough baptist church filed this 75-page brief. attorney margie phelp
it for you on "happening now". >>> first new evidence the largest u.s.-russia spy swap since the cold war appears to be in motion, a lawyer for one of the accused russian spies telling fox news talks are underway right now for a spy swap, the ten suspected russian secret agents, arrested last week, set to appear in courtrooms today, ig nowhere sutiagon is suspected of spying for the united states is no longer in a moscow prison but has been flown to vienna in what appears to be another step to be a deal to trade accused spies. our david lee miller is outside the federal courthouse in lower manhattan. i guess the big question, david, is there a swap and how close are we. >> reporter: it seems almost certain that there is a swap underway, and we are very close to that swap being completed, but there are still a number of obstacles, jon, that must be overcome. we cannot ignore the fact that igon sudiagon is in vienna, he had been in custody in russia, convicted of spying for the united states and the fact that he has now been released is a very significant step forward. we talked to his atto
to 454,000. that's the lowest level since early may. late today, the u.s. treasury declined to label china a currency manipulator, citing that country's recent move to end the yuan's peg to the dollar. in a report to congress, treasury secretary geithner said what matters most is how far and how fast china's currency appreciates. meantime, interest rates are staying the same in the euro zone. the european central bank met today decided to join the bank of england in leaving its benchmark interest rate at an historic low. meanwhile, u.s. mortgage rates continue to drop-- the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage is at a record low 4.57%. and u.s. government scientists have made what could be a major breakthrough in the battle against h.i.v. they've discovered two human antibodies that can stop more than 90% of known global h.i.v. strains from infecting human cells in the laboratory. the breakthrough could be used to create improved vaccines and treat h.i.v. infections. >> susie: still ahead, the bond market's been on a tear recently. coming up, analysts weigh in on whether the run
's secure the border first -- basically the u.s.-mexican border, and then we will get to the other issues. what does it mean to secure the border and how will they recognize when that time arrives? >> ok. good question. one you want to tackle? [laughter] >> we may not have emphasized it as much because we were going to quickly. comprehensive reform we tested exclusively, cracking down on employers. it is very popular. as popular as border security. real people have that line in their heads. they like it for two reasons. they believe if the jobs are not the lawyer, -- lure, people will not be coming. they also believe these people are not just recruiting immigrants workers because they work hard or have skills they need, but because they can pay lower wages and a whole bunch of other goals that people think do not observe wage standards, etc. the public has a very strong narrative. they also believe that you put lawful employers at a disadvantage and that is not right. that is in their very, very strongly. we may have read over that too quickly. in terms of the congress, i think you would
steps must happen first before this exchange can take place, but sources say the deal will get done. u.s. officials aren't saying whether one of the biggest spy swaps in decades is about to go down. >> this is a, as we said earlier, a law enforcement manner. >> i would have to refer to you the justice department. >> reporter: according to the family of a russian scientist convicted of spying for the u.s., that's exactly what's about to happen. sutyagin told officials that his brother igor is those who could be traded today for the ten alleged russian spies repeatly arrested in the u.s. they are accused of living formal lives while acting as agents. cia would want some sort of a confession before a swap would take place. guilty pleas mean both countries could avoi a high-profile lengthy trial. spies were transferred to new york where all will be arraigned today. american officials have also met with the russian ambassador. >> you have a budgetedi ibundli issues so if a deal is struck it can be struck efficiently. >> reporter: the suspected agents apparently didn't do much damage. in fact,
and russian officials are reportedly discussing plans to swap the suspected spies for an accused u.s. spy being held in russia. u.s. officials have not commented on the report. >>> we will soon learn more about what police found during searches related to the murder of the university of virginia lacrosse player. a judge has ordered police records in the case against george huguely of chevy chase to be unsealed. he is accused of killing yeardley love in may. the medical examiner says she was killed by a blunt force instrument to the head. >>> police investigating the murder of vanessa pham released surveillance video of her right to lakota. they believe she was driving the car out of the shopping center on june 27. -- her white toyota. they are not clear if she is alone in the car. >>> investigators are trying to figure out what led to a serious car crash in charles county at washington ave at shining willow way in la plata. a deputy hit a car with a woman and two children inside. the officer suffered bond life and injuries. >>> a developing story from california where an earthquake jolted
of the u.s. but there they were, those russian spies discovered living in america, having blended into american society. tonight they are en route out of here and they are part of a spy swap, ten of them being exchanged for people in russia accused of spying for the u.s. we start off tonight with our justice correspondent pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, there's never been anything quite like this. from arrest to guilty plea to expulsion from the country in just 11 days. it's the legal system driven to hyper speed by a u.s. desire to improve relations with russia. assembled quickly in a federal courthouse in new york city, all ten admitted that while they pretended to be just the folks next door, they were actually sent here to be secret agents for russia. one by one, they spoke their true russian names, then pleaded guilty to being unregistered foreign agents. the judge accepted their pleas and sentenced them to time serves -- less than two weeks, freeing the government to send them to russia in a cold war-style prisoner exchanged,
between the westboro baptist church and the family of a maryland marine moves one step closer to the u.s. supreme court. the church filed a brief this week, saying its actions are protected by the first amendment. >> reporter: the westborough baptist church filed this 75- page brief. attorney margie phelps will argue the case in front of the supreme court. she defended the church members' protest outside of matthew schneider's funeral in 2006. >> it is everybody's first amendment right to go to a public plot and speak on public issues. who in the world is not talking about the dying soldier? >> reporter: the kansas state believes the u.s. military deaths are god's punishment for tolerance of homosexuality. in the argument, phelps argues its actions are protected by the first amendment. not so says the father of the fallen marine. al schneider talks about the upcoming case. my son and hundreds of thousands of other men and women have died to protect freedom of speech. and to have a group of 80 people degraded and mock it is disgusting. >> in a separate legal brief filed with the court, 48
war era. the u.s. and russia are now in talks to pull off the biggest spy swap in decades. here to break down the deal that's in the works. >>> months into one of the worst environmental disasters ever. crews may be on the verge of a big step in cleaning up all the oil in the gulf. that developing story is next.  i'm from the gulf coast. i vacation here. my family spends a lot of time here. and so i have a personal, vested interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for clean up in the gulf, and that includes keeping you informed. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. when oil is spotted, shore clean up assessment teams mobilize and we get right to work. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. clean up efforts are coordinated from 17 staging areas across 4 states. we're working with the coast guard and many other government agencies. every day we're working with residents and local business owners to make sure these beaches are clean and that
to be a picture perfect summer. pop-tarts®. made for fun™. >>> replacing a legend in the u.s. senate. west virginia governor joe man shin is calling for a special election to fill robert byrd's senate seat and the governor says he is considering running for it himself. he is waiting for an opinion from the state's attorney general on whether the election can be held this year instead of 2012. >>> it is like the cold war all over again i'm possible deal between russia and the united states to swap spies. neither the russian nor u.s. governments are confirming the deal but it could reportedly happen sometime in the next day or so. the united states arrested ten russian spies earlier this month and russia is holding several u.s. spies. fox's david lee miller shows us one of the spies that russia wants to trade. >> reporter: most americans never heard igor sutyagin but now he could play a key role. fox news is told he could be released as part of a prisoner swap involving at excused spies arrested last month in the u.s. the attorney says he could be flown to the uk as soon as tomorrow. all of
: good morning, vinita. we're expected to receive information on the ten detained in the u.s. on spying allegations. the trade-off is reported to be four others imprisoned in russia. a nuclear weapon scientists who was detained in 2004. all accused of spying for the u.s. all ten suspects were moved to new york, reportedly in anticipation of a release. this mother and brother told abc news in moscow, said he had been given an offer he could not refuse. and was sent to england regardless. the deal was cut after a series of meetings at the russian ambassador's residence between the ambassador and the u.s. diplomat. >> did the spy case come up? likely, it did. am i going to get into details? no. >> reporter: what of those arrested who were not naturalized russians. the relatives of one of the detainees, peruvian born vicky pelaez. but the judge recommended she wait in custody. her lawyer says that pelaez wants to appear in court and has absolutely no interest in going to russia. >> as far as i know, she would absolutely have no desire to go to russia. >> reporter: also what is to be worked
you say? the u.s. national debt now at unsustainable levels. even the cbo says that. one democrat is suggesting a brand new plan. it's a new transaction tax that would impose a 1 percent fee on every single solitary financial transaction except for stocks. so whether you buy a couple of coffee or a brand new car, you're going to pay a little extra to the u.s. government, and even taking your own money out of your own bank account at an atm could cost you, that's right, 1 percent more under this new law. martha: this may sound strikingly similar to the vat tax used in england and other countries and it cost them a lot of money. is that what's coming here? stuart varney joins us, he's the anchor of varney & company on the fox business network. stuart, welcome, good to have you here. this idea was launched by a democratic congressman from pennsylvania and written about by lanny davis in an editorial. lanny davis worked wither skin bowles in the clinton administration. it raises the question are we starting to get the form from this debt commission, are they starting to float out ther
." suprisingly u.s. consumers are just starting to get a handle on mobile shopping. neilson reports in the end of the 4th quarter of 2009 21% of americans owned a smartphone to download apps. and despite the u.s. handle on technology, it's europe that is leading the way in mobile shopping. shares of european banks rallied on wednesday as criteria for the bank stress tests began leaking out. shares of royal bank of scotland and barclays were up almost 9% yesterday. market watchers predict that all the 100 banks being tested will pass because the hurdle is low. they say the test is meant to boost investor confidence, not expose weak banks. since the spring, many euro- banks have seen sharp a fall, because investors feared those banks could face a liquidity crunch in light of a huge sovereign debt loads. stress tests results are expected to be released sometime this month. president obama is making a campaign swing through las vegas today. he's lending support to senate majority leader harry reid who is running for re-election. and, he is also expected to talk about the economy. at the white hous
for probably four people who were convicted in russia of spying for the u.s. four people considered high value by the u.s. that we want to get back. one unresolved question here is what happens to the minor children of these ten and i just don't know what the answer to that will be, whether they'll stay here or whether they'll go back with their parents. i don't believe that when their parents get to russia they will be under any obligation to serve any time in incarceration, it may be that the judge will simply sentence them to time served which will be what, 11 days and they will be free to leave russia. once they agree to plead guilty, it's not really they choice. >> people are very curious for a number of reasons about this, the intrigue and so on and so forth, but can you at least tell us who would be behind the rapid speed of this transfer? is it the white house? who's pushing for this to happen to quickly? >> well, i think you can say very high level in both the russia and the u.s. governments. while this is following all the rules in the justice department, in the federal courts it's m
to the cold war. u.s. officials appear on the verge of swapping alleged agents with moscow. pete williams is nbc's justice correspondent. pete, round up the usual suspects. we're suddenly still have spies in moscow and handle this case? >> reporter: well, so it would appear. we can't say that for 100% certain and sure looks that way now. there are two sort of things happening. the first is the defendants have all been brought together in new york for a hearing today. they could well plead guilty. this is a very fast-moving case. the government just filed the indictment against them yesterday after the earlier criminal charges filed. they will be in court. first chance to plead and may plead guilty. if that happens, then we go to step two which is at least in the works a swap. those ten, perhaps not all, but most of those ten in exchange for ten people held in russia charged by the russians with spying for the u.s. now, on the old days, chuck, they would have been brought to the bridge of spies in berlin but that's no longer a divided city and could be happening very fast in vienna. a man
will plead guilty to being unregistered russian agents in the u.s. and agree to leave the country. now, our understanding, andrea, is this will not be a one-for-one exchange. they'll leave and go back to russia and in return, the russians will send probably three or four people that the u.s. would like to get back or get to the u.s., people who have been charged with spying for the united states in russia. we know one of them, igor sutyagin who was convicted six years ago, sentenced to 15 years of providing what the russians said was classified information to the u.s., something he has always denied. but we don't know the identity of all of them. but that's apparently how this is going to happen, andrea. if it does go ahead as planned, it's very possible that the ten in the u.s. coulding on a plane by tonight. >> this is just amazing, pete, for those of us who covered the disdents and how we were making exchanges back then, months and months of secret negotiations and hot line conversations. this is really almost instantaneous. it says a lot about the new open relationship. >> reporter: i t
: tonight, a spy for a spy. the biggest u.s./russia spy swap since the cold war. i'm katie couric. also tonight, u.s. to b.p.: speed it up. on day 80, the obama administration asks b.p. to put a new cap on the gushing well before the weather turns bad again. d-day for lebron james. making the decision of a lifetime. and he's making oods from his doodles. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. it seemed to come out of nowhere: late last month, the f.b.i. suddenly rounded up ten people who had been living in this country for years and accused them of serving as agents for russia. today this unlikely spy drama came to a surprising end. in federal court here in new york, the ten pleaded guilty and were ordered deported. and in the biggest spy swap since the cold war, they're being sent tonight to russia in exchange for four people in prison there. the exchange to be made in vienna. justice correspondent bob orr has the story. >> reporter: even before the ten alleged spies
in europe, you see more value there than in investing in any u.s. companies? >> i think so. it is not to discount the united states. the united states should grow faster than europe. it is just which the values and the prices have been discounted so substantially in europe because of the problems with their banks and the potential bailouts of greece and so on, that value is presenting itself. >> susie: now, it's interesting, even though today we had a big rally, and the stock market hasn't been like this in the last couple of weeks, and investors have been so worried, pouring their money into bond funds and into u.s. treasuries, and you see the best days of bond investing are over. how long can investors count on decent returns from bonds? >> i think the best days are over. and that means, simply, the days of price appreciation in terms of bonds added to the yield, which in many cases produced double-digit types of years are over, but it doesn't mean that bonds will go down in price and that 3% to 4% to 5% yields available to investors through pimco funds and others aren't
>>> tonight on "world news," spy for a spy. at this hour, the spies are on the move as the u.s. and russia pull off a cloak and dagger swap. >>> mamma grizzlies. sarah palin rolls out a challenge, saying conservative mothers are on the march. >>> big break. did one slice of pizza solve the case of a serial killer? >>> return to haiti. six months after the earthquake, is there medicine, food? what has changed? >>> and, big choice. the king of basketball decides his future, and we'll show you why his body is in a league all its own. >>> good evening. we are watching an international drama unfold at warp speed tonight. the spy story between the u.s. and russia, who are trading secret air gents tonight. it's a deal, as you know, straight out of a novel. those ten russians accused of gathering secrets for a decade here in the u.s. pled guilty this afternoon, and tonight, head back to moscow. and chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here, following the details. >> reporter: diane, tonight, prison cells in the u.s. and russia are being emptied out as more than a dozen accus
>> shannon: shades of the cold war as the u.s. and russia agree to exchange accused spies. global bankers tell president obama to raise your taxes. does the president's promise that healthcare reform will not add to the deficit have any basis in reality? live from the studio in washington, this is special report. good evening, i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. what is reported as the largest spy swap between u.s. and russia since the cold war is set to be in motion. correspondent david lee miller is following the cloak and dagger action from new york. good evening, david. >> hello, shannon. it's official now, the spy swap is now underway, ten spies convicted in the united states will be traded for four russians incarcerated there. allegedly spying for the west. the action unfolded a shortime ago in lower manhattan. all ten accused spies arrested last month pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy to add to the foreign agent for russian federation and for that crime, they face a maximum of five years but they were each sentenced to time served and deportation and a short period of
and it is getting a lot of attention in london but for the u.s. after taking a real pounding in one area in helmand province british troops announced they are leaving this area, an area where the brits have lost 100 of their finest soldiers there and marines since 2001. 1/3 of all british deaths have happened there. it has a great symbolic resonance for british troops. they are leaving there and american troops are taking over. the handover is beginning now. it is supposed to be complete by the fall. it is symbolic because a lot of people in the uk are saying the british troops are retreating. the british government is saying, no, this is a normal rotation. the u.s. is getting deeper involved in a difficult guerilla area and taking more responsibility for war zones. >> richard engel, nbc's chief war correspondent. i could try to summarize these things or we could go to you who understands these things. >> thank you. >>> joining us now is command sergeant major michael t. hall. he was recalled from retirement to serve in afghanistan. he is the senior noncommissioned officer in the united states mili
that a russian convicted of spying for the u.s. has now arrived in veania. it could be a signal that american and russian officials are preparing for the largest spy swap since the cold war. the trade would involve the u.s. giving up ten people last week accused of being russian spies in the state. pete williams joins us now from washington. pete, a lot of people are making a big deal about how fast this is all going. >> well, that is a big deal because just yesterday they were all hustled up to new york, the ten defendants. some of them were in new york already and the three from virginia and two from massachusetts were quickly sent to new york. their court hearings cut short for a hearing this afternoon at 2:45. now, this technically is the type of hearing you'd have when an indictment was filed but that was filed very quickly in this case after the initial charges were brought. so, under the federal rules, this would be their first chance to plead in federal court and if they're going to be guilty pleas, as the signs increasingly point, then this would be the first opportunity for them. as
york today. will the hearing set the stage for the largest exchange of spy suspects between u.s. and russia since the end of the cold war? >>> that's the man who cut my hair. the 4-year-old girl found alive, more than a day after she was snatched from her front yard points the finger at a registered sex offender. >>> in a stunning twist, late last night, he turns a gun on himself as cops close in. >>> and the nominees are -- an early morning in hollywood as the nominations for the 62nd annual prime time emmy awards are handed out. we'll break down who's in and who's out "today," thursday, july 8, 2010. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and meredith vieira live from this is "today" with matt lauer and meredith vieira live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> in for matt lauer i'm ann curry. echoes of the cold war as alleged russian spies are caught living in the united states. >> absolutely. there are reports that the u.s. and russ
in jail in russia after being caught spying for the u.s. could soon be part of a spy swap between the two countries. cnn senior international correspondent matthew chance has been following the story from moscow. matthew what do you know, tell us. >> reporter: well, campbell, it's all very cloak and dagger, but speculation is right, that a prisoner swap is in the offing between russia and the united states involving those ten suspected spies accused in the u.s. of being part of a spy ring. the man jailed in russia accused of spying for the u.s. in a cold war-style spy swap according to his family members and legal team. the man who was sentenced to 15 years in a russian penal colony in 2004 for passing nuclear secrets to the cia told his mother that he's seen a list of poli prisoners in russian jails to be swapped. neither the u.s., nor russian authorities are confirming any deal has been made. the u.s. state department has confirmed a high level meeting between u.s. and russian diplomats is taking place in washington. that is only fueling speculation that an imminent and dramatic spy swa
and that would be the u.s. part of the spy swap, the russians would send then people here to the u.s. we don't know exactly how many would be sent to the u.s. in return. in cold war style spy swap. but it certainly does appear that, you no he, the plea negotiations are -- have moved ahead sufficiently that they can try to get this done this afternoon when the ten appear in federal court. >> all right. we'll be watching for that court hearing, as i said, later this afternoon. pete, thank you. >> you bet. >> my big question today, is russia a bigger threat than we realize. share your thoughts on twitter, facebook or e-mail if you have thoughts about how the spy swap is going or memories of cold war, go ahead, give me a shout. >>> part of a global plot targeting other countries. the attorney general called that plot one the most dangerous since 9/11. it was part of a larger conspiracy by al qaeda that included a plan to target mass transknit england and we're getting new details this hour about arrests in norway. first, the three under arrest are suspected members of al qaeda, second, police sa
of attention in london, but also for the u.s. after taking a real pounding in one area in helman province, they announced they are leaving the area where the brits lost 100 of their finest soldiers and marines since 2001. a third of the british deaths happened here. they are leaving there and american troops are taking over. the hand over is already beginning and is supposed to be complete by the fall. it's symbolic. a lot of people are saying the british troops are retreating. the government is saying it's a normal rotation. the u.s. is getting deeply involved in a gorilla area and taking more and more responsibility for war zones. >> richard engel, this is the kind of thing i could try to summarize and it would be like cliff notes or we can go to you. thanks a lot. >>> joining us now is chand sergeant michael t. hall. he was called from retirement to serve here. he is now the senior noncommissioned officer in afghanistan. command sergeant, thank you for your time. it's an honor to have you here. >> it's good to be here. >> let me ask you about the friendly fire incident richard was talk
case, but also the u.s. versus stevens case, the animal cruelty videos where the breeze that the united states filed took a very broad view of congressional power to suppress speech if congress felt that its social value was negated by ts social cost, a position that was really not necessary to defend thetatute. that sentence was called out by the chief justice, joined by being in open court startling and dangerous." again, we do not know if she wrote that sentence and we do not know how clearly it reflects her own views, but it is not consistent with the position she has taken on speech issues in the past. p- being "sttling and dangerous." it will be interesting to see whether her views are ll for told by what she said at the hearing. >> all right, which is that, please join me in thanking the panel. [applause] -- with that, please join me in thanking the panel. [applause] and thank you for attending. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> up next on c-span, this week's prime minister's questions from the br
.m., an author will discuss the u.s. foreign policy. that is next here on c-span. . . the spots that the groups are releasing today and talk with you about your thoughts on public campaign financing. that is really what they are arguing. the loss has 157 co-sponsors they are proposing. -- the law has 157 co-sponsors they are proposing. there is a tally of how the cost of a lectionary in the united states has changed of the past decade. what i have highlighted on this page are presidential election cycles. let's look at the ones not highlighted. back in 1998, total spent was $1.6 billion. in 2006 $2.8 billion. if you use a widget, there is a tally of the cost of the 2010 election so far and it keeps changing. you can see that on the bottom left of the screen. it is in the neighborhood of $2.4 billion so far, the cost of a campaign 2010. let's show you this advertisement that they are releasing today in washington, d.c., to argue for public financing of campaigns. >> pp destroys the gulf, we pay the price. -- bp destroys the gulf, we pay the price. congress is putting special interest first. why?
afternoon here in the cnn news room. i'm don lemon, in for veali velshi. >>> from u.s. to norway to the uk, to pakistan, as summer heat up, so do the terror plots. new arrests in a never-ending investigation, a widening investigation. >>> another stunner from the guy next door file -- first it was accused russian spies now it's an alleged serial killer. imagine the murderer dubbed the grim sleeper, living next door to you. >>> and how do you feel about a blind person behind the wheel of a car? a plan is in the works to teach the blind to drive and to break down another barrier. >>> we're going to start with this. we'll start with the terror suspects that have been arrested, some charged, some still not in custody. the ones arrested norway. the feds charge an alleged al qaeda operative with helping to mastermind the new york subway plot. and another terror suspect is arrested in britain, all examples of what authorities say is al qaeda's global reach. and continued determination to kill americans and their allies. here's what we know now. three suspects were arrested today, two in norway, o
believe this plot is a lot like plans in europe and the u.s., including last year's attack on the subway system. it's not clear if the suspects had selected their targets, but their were attempted to build those bombs. >>> coast guard crews searched all night and still out on the delaware river right now looking for two hungarian tourists missing in a tragic crash. take a look at some of these pictures from yesterday's frantic rescue after a duck boat collide would the barge and sank, forcing most of the 37 passengers to jump into the river. 11 people were rushed to hospitals and now the ntsb is taking over the investigation. nbc stephanie gosk is in philadelphia and what is the latest there? >> good morning, chris. the ntsb is taking over the investigation. the coast guard is the lead organization in the search and they tell us this morning in a press conference that this is still a search and rescue operation. they worked through the nights on boats looking for these two unaccounted for passengers and today they're controlling the banks of the river also trying to find them. they did,
of revealing names of russian undercover agents. u.s. attorney general eric holder in an exclusive interview for cbs' "face the nation" told bob schieffer it's a good deal for both sides. >> and we essentially orchestrated a swap so that we had access to... got back fur so people who who had been charged in russia with conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> reporter: the lawyer for suspect anna chapman also praised the swap, celebrating his client's freedom. >> she is happy to be out of jail. >> reporter: the spy arrests were announced just days after president obama and russian president medvedev met for hamburgers to reset relations. and the revelations were embarrassing for both sides. the russians managed to have secret agents here for years, most of them embedded as american couples in the suburbs of washington, boston, and new york. but at the same time, the f.b.i. was on to them, tracking their movements for years. the spy swap now ends a dicey diplomatic dance. >> both countries have major geopolitical concerns at play and they want to put this case beh
treatments are so expensive that our taxpayers >> shannon: arizona governor jan brewer canceled meeting of u.s. and mexico state borders scheduled in phoenix this year. six of the governors refused to attend because of the law. we have ongoing reaction to the obama's administration decision to challenge the law. chief political correspondent looks at how carl cameron looks at how it will play with mid-term elections but we start with anita vogel on the verbal back and forth. >> reporter: now that the administration has officially launched the legal attack against arizona's immigration law, supporters are firing back. >> why isn't the federal government asking us or our help instead of suing, suing law enforcement and the state of arizona? >> this is not only a place in arizona, but there is a movement throughout the united states of people wanting action from the federal government. >> reporter: five other states are looking into drafting their own immigration legislation, but the white house hopes the administration's lawsuit will change their minds. >> the president believes we filed a stron
be in the works between the united states and russia. kate amara joins us live with the story. >> russian and u.s. officials will not confirm any spy swap. family members and attorneys say this is going to happen. in arraignment for 10 accused russian spies. their cases have been combined. a single indictment against the defendants. this feels an impending spy swap. >> this is a law enforcement matter that is being handled that way and i refer you to the department of justice. >> more evidence of a possible secret agent exchange. a meeting between the russian ambassador and a senior u.s. diplomat. >> did the spy case come up? likely it did. am i going to get into details? nope. i will refer you to the justice department. >> intelligence officials say there might be more foreign spies in this country than we think. >> we have serious counter intelligence issues that would have to deal with. >> only 10 of these suspects are expected in court today. the 11th jumped bail in cyprus. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> can you go into more detail about why moving all the cases to man and is a sign of a pos
is creating jobs. then he will attend fundraisers for the u.s. senate candidate. he is the democratic hopeful to face republican senator kit bond who is retiring. off to vegas where the president will stump for majority leader harry reid. a plane powered completely by the sun landed this morning in switzerland. it took off from the same airfield 24 hours ago. the four engine aircraft has 12,000 solar cells on their wings. they were able to absorb enough light during the day to keep the plane going at night. the ultimate plan, to fly the plane around the world. >> that is so cool. save money on gas. all right. let's talk a little bit about this. well, it was supposed to be the 28th annual time that governors from the u.s. and the mexican side of the border as well get together to discuss all their problems. but jan brewer who is set to host it in phoenix got some bad news. a bunch of the governors from mexico said, you know what? we're gonna boycott. she in turn said, hold it. you can't boycott because i'm going to cancel it. well, now -- >> you can't fire me, i quit. >> here's the problem, th
to moscow. >> reporter: the case is big news in russia. >> russia and the u.s. in an international spy swap. >> reporter: sources say negotiations is underway for a trade and u.s. officials want the defendants to make some admission of guilt. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >>> three suspects al-qaeda members are in jail. they were arrested this morning in norway. u.s. officials say that they were hatching a bombing plot, similar to an attack planned for the new york subways. that one was thwarted. attorney general eric holder says it is one of the most serious plots since 9/11 and a similar failed plot on england was revealed yesterday. >>> right now, police are searching for two missing tourists in philadelphia. but not without the divers. the victims fell in to the delaware river yesterday. 37 people were on board an amphibious vehicle known as a duck boat. it stalled in the water, and it collided with a barge. 35 people were rescued, thanks to the quick action by first responders. however, hope is fading for the two missing victims. >> the vehicle is laying upright on its wheels.
the u.s. may be arranging a prisoner swap. >>> and it is still hot and humid out there today. marty will be back with your first warning weather forecast. >>> complete coverage continues with don scott, and first warning weather. warning weather. it's wjz, maryry,,,,,,,,,, ok. what if i just had a small slice? i was good today, i deserve it! or, i could have a medium slice and some celery sticks and they would cancel each other out, right? or...ok. i could have one large slice and jog in place as i eat it or...ok. how about one large slice while jogging in place followed by eight celery... mmm raspberry cheesecake... i have been thinking about this all day. wow, and you've lost weight! oh yeah, you're welcome. thank you! [ female announcer ] yoplait light. with 30 delicious flavors all around 100 calories each. yoplait. it is so good. >>> ten alleged spies will be arraigned in federal court today. there's word russia an the u.s. may be considering a spy swap. a russian scientist is accused of passing nuclear submarine secrets to the c.i.a. he told prisoners he would be part of
. >> the americans have made concessions. he use citizens can challenge the use of their details in u.s. court. but officials in the united states said the information could be crucial in protecting the u.s. and europe alike. here in the european parliament there have been a understand the concerns over the transfer of baked -- bank data to another country but the sharing of information is not crucial in the global fight against terrorism. legislators have tried balance the right of privacy against the need for security. dominic hughes, bbc news. >> the hunt is still underway in the u.k. for a man suspected of shooting three people. the search for raoul moat is in its sixth day police, the northern england town of ross perot. men considered his accomplices are in court. this is gmt from bbc world news. i'm jonathan charles. our main story, secret meetings taking place in washington and moscow that echoes of the cold war. the government's trying to arrange a swap of the spies bareboat hold it. authorities and norway say three people were detained there and in germany, they are alleged to have l
on new agreements with some of our key partners. i have been -- i have instructed u.s. trade representative to begin the discussions to help resolve issues with the caribbean free-trade agreement before my visit in november. it is an agreement that will create new jobs and opportunities for both of our countries. we also want to deepen our relationship with panama and colombia. we are working to resolve freeze -- outstanding issues with those key partners. we are focused on submitting them as soon as possible for congressional consideration. we will make sure that each agreement just does not addanced our interest, buttonholes are most cherished values. -- but upholds our most cherished values. the united states offer some of the world's lowest barriers to trade. when we give other countries the privilege of that free and fair access, we expect in return. -- weamerican producers will use every tool at our disposal to enforce trade agreements. last week the wto rules in favor of the united states on a case that saw european governments were subsiddzing claims of airbus manufac
in russia, accused of spying for the u.s. tonight six years after last being seen, reports that are he has been flown to vienna in advance of a spy swap. >> we never received anything like it. peter heads the spy museum. he served in the cia. he said the suspects are worth more as bargaining chips than intelligence sources. >> the bureau has been covering these people for the better part of 10 years. there are probably no more sec cents to learn about these people. >> reporter: ten people including anna chapman pled guilty to spying for russia after fbi arrests stretching from virginia to boston. the ten are expected to be ex hanged for four russian prisoners, also accused of spying for the u.s. prisoners like igor sutyagin. >> his claim was he was only passing on information publicly available in the press and in russia. >> reporter: mark has been falling the case closely. he said sutyagin may not have been a spy in the first place. >> frankly, he appears to be set up. it's not clear aside from humanitarian grounds that he has any value to the united states. >> reporter: ten days after pr
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